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Comprehensive Medical Insurance for Foreigners and People from Hongkong,Macao and Taiwan

Simplified List Of Insurance Benefits

Coverage Sort


Dread Disease Insurance

 Amount Insured


 Benefit Range

30 dreadful diseases listed in the policy

  Hoding Term- For Accident Reason


 Hoding Term- Not For Accident Reason


Inpatitent Treatment Insurance

 Cost Cover


  Hospital Bed Allowance/Per Day


  Hospital Charges


Accident Injury Insurance

 Amount Insured


  Accidental Death


  Accidental Disability


  Accidental Burnt


Outpatient/Emergency Insurance

 Cost Cover




  Outpatient Charges


Health Management Service

  Individual health evalution service

Once a year

  Health messages aervice

Twice a month

  Health information service


As for the detailed content,please refer to the terms and conditions of the product and relevant rules.

Special claim : All the benefits of Inpatient and Outpatient coverage in this pain shall comply with the Chinese BMI( Basic Medical Insurance ) regulation .

Inpatient and outpatient charges includ : couch rent, medicine cost, paramedic, diagnosis and treat expense, examination and assay, operation.

Premium : 1680RMB /year .Outpatient benefit optional, premium : 400RMB/year

. Serious coverage takes care of your health
. Comprehensive medical coverages ensure you to enjoy your happy life .
. Accidental insurance prevent you from worries .
. Health management only provided by PICC Health which ensure you good health in China.

【Health Management Service】
. Annually personal health evaluatlon ; will valuate the health status of our customers and make expert’s proposals for the customer if any potential illness risk exists .
. To Send health information SMS to you twice a month . providing ordinary life health guidance suit for you
. Our company will send maiIs about health information or disease prevention to you in irregular terms . which would provide some guidance to ycur daily life and to help improving your health .

【Tenet of Our Service】
. Respect to the customers
. Heartfelt service
. Professionalism and meticulcusness
. Quality as the highest priority



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